Expat life

What are the new habits, the new lifestyle I have to deal with now that I left France to the United States?

(video) Friensgiving

Our family here in Boston are our friends, and the friends of our friends. Instead of doing a regular Thanksgiving, we’ve celebrated Friends-giving.

13 movies about Boston

This is an article I wanted to publish for a while: movies about Boston, or happening in Boston. For the movie geek, some of them are in Cambridge, where Harvard University and the MIT are,


Halloween doesn’t mean much from us coming from France where it’s not celebrated. This year, it was our third Halloween, and we were basically at like 3-year-old kids. We prepared our costumes way in advance,

Jomo - take your time during vacation

It’s August… // Take it easy, and Jomo

Disconnect! It’s not so easy. I’ve already talked a little about it on Facebook: I’m taking some time off from the blog and social networks throughout the month of August. I thought it was called slow

10 French words used in English

I ask a few friends to explain me the meaning of French words used in English, such as crème de la crème, blasé, touché… They gave me their own explanations based on their own experience.

Saint Patrick’s Day in South Boston

Saint Patrick’s Day is a big thing here in Boston, where everyone finds that he or she  has deep Irish roots. It’s even more true in South Boston, Southie. We were invited to a brunch with

My book: Yoga Malin!

Today in French bookstores, my book called “Yoga Malin” is released! I’m super happy about it. It’s a book mostly for beginners and people who are curious to know more about this practice but haven’t