Visiting National Parks in the USA

National parks in the United States are great and unique places – incredible landscape, crazy geology, wild life… There are more than 50 all over the country.

The first one that was established:  Yellowstone, Wyoming, in 1872. All the parks after this one were created in order to preserve what make them so unique. We had the chance to visit some of them: click on the pics to see the articles!

Acadia National Park, Maine, les grands parcs americainsAcadia National Park: the closest park from Boston. My Video here

Bryce Canyon, Utah, les grands parcs americainsBryce Canyon: incredible colors and shapes! Pics here. Death Valley, California, Les grands parcs americainsDeath Valley: as hot as hell, but we survived. Pics here Grand Canyon, Arizona, les grands parcs americainsGrand Canyon: the only one, on my top 3 of favorite places in the US.  Pics and video here. Mount rainier National Park

Mount Rainier: a huge volcano… that was hidden under the clouds when we were there. Some pics here

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, les montagnes rocheuses américaines

Rocky Mountain: Breathtaking. Video, pics and story here.

Zion National Park, Utah, les grands parcs americains

Zion: We just drove through these incredible landscapes… Video  here


Arches Utah parc national du sud ouest américain

Arches: not only arches! on my top 3 of favorite NP.

Canyonlands Utah parc national américain

Canyonlands: you need an SUV with high clearance, or the drive is just scary.

Everglades, Florida, les grands parcs americains

Everglades: flat, mysterious and fun. Video of the wet tour we did.

grand teton national park

Grand Teton: means nipple in French. But it’s just an impressive range of mountains.

North Cascades National ParkNorth Cascades: gorgeous mountains, crazy colors, cool hiking. Pics here yellowstone national parkYellowstone: the one and only! awesome but crowded. Pics here.
black canyon of the gunnison parc national américain colorado

Black Canyon: narrow, deep and steep. The North Rim was the best!

Capitol Reef Utah parc national américain

Capitol Reef: so far away!! I loved it.

Glacier National park, MontanaGlacier National Park. Montana is great, Glacier is greater. Pics here. Mesa Verde Colorado parc national historique américain

Mesa Verde: beautiful ruins of ancient Indian villages under a cliff. Just crazy.

olympic national parkOlympic: close to Seattle, an incredible mountains, and wild beach. Pics here Yosemite National Park, California, Les grands parcs americainsYosemite: Nature, Wilderness, Awesomeness. Pics here

What’s your favorite park in the US?



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