6 months in Boston


We’ve been in Boston for 6 months. I feel like Boston were “my” city now. So much changes happened in these 6 months: our daily life, new friends and more generally… a new way of life, with some kind of insouciance. It’s like perpetual vacation. Even the most unusual weekend seems exciting.

Yoga mats and lockroomEvery good weekend starts with a yoga class. I’m going to yoga almost every day (at least, I try to but I don’t go when I’m too sore… – more often than I thought). In Paris, I was 100% faithful to my one and only teacher, but now I’m going to tons of classes with different teachers and different styles of yoga. I even got 2 mats, don’t ask me why. Yoga here is very different, more athletic, more challenging. This Saturday, it was ‘Core Vinyasa’, basically 90 minutes of crunches and twisted poses. After my class, I met Manu, who was playing tennis this morning. We had a great combo, smoothie-pancake, with friends.

Outside, it was crazy! Gay Pride day, I love this celebration! In the parade, there were tons of communities, but also companies, like Microsoft or Zipcar. Manu, cynically, complains that it’s just for looking nice. I had my chakras wide open, so I loved this!

Boston PoliceMicrosoft at Boston Gay Pride

Sunday, sun was high and almost 85°F (we slowly get used to the Fahrenheit). We thought for a while to go to the Food Truck Festival, it seemed tempting (specially since I have a secret plan to get my own Food Truck, Poutine, Quiches & Clafoutis – organic and local – of course, I need to know my competitors). Anyway, 35$ for this festival: I’m not ready to spend that money for free food, plus, I saw on Twitter that is was packed. There was another option: Dragon Boat Festival on the Charles River (we will sing Dragon Ball Z Z Z during all the afternoon, do you guys watch this anime? It was famous in the 80’s in France…). We decided to go there, it’s along our traditional Sunday afternoon tour

Dragon BoatsDragon boat (Z Z Z) is a Chinese boat, with a crew of  20 paddlers, lead by a drummer and a sweep (steersman). The festival had a very family and funny atmosphere. There were tons of stands to grab a bite, we rushed to try some Cantonese food. We strolled along the sides, watching a dragon dancing or drummers playing. On the top of a bridge, we watched several races: each time, 3 crews are fighting. Boats flow on the water but it doesn’t seem very easy (as I can say from their look on their face). Personally, I would prefer to be the drummer.

Dragon Boats

Kung Fu et dragon

Thai and chinese food // dragon boat festival

We left the festival to reach ‘our spot’ on the Esplanade. I read while Manu daydreamed while watching sailing boats on the Charles. Thanks to my new sandals (Madewell, love this store), I tryed to ‘erase’ the tan mark my other pair of sandals left on my feet (it looks like a foot thong panty, that’s gross). But my main goal really is to get over my book: I’m throwing a book club at my place next Wednesday, and I need to get ready.

But at the end of the day, I haven’t finished my book yet, I have a sunburn on my left shoulder and I ate a delicious cupcake.

Bouquiner (et finir un jour cet interminable livre)

Kickass Cupcakes


For a next weekend, I’d love to kayak on the Charles… (have you seen the dog?!)

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  • Reply Jun 11 2012

    La Grande Blonde

    Meme bilan ici apres presque deux ans (deja?), on se sent toujours un peu en vacances. Et on a juste envie de tout faire, tout visiter, c’est top !
    Ca fait a peu pres trois lustres et des pampilles qu’on se repete qu’il faut absolument aller faire un tour sur le lac en kayak… ou en pedalo. On va attendre le printemps mais oui, il faut qu’on le fasse !
    En tout cas, ca donne rudement envie d’aller faire un tour a Boston !

    • Reply Jun 14 2012


      Venez à Boston ! on pourra passer le cap du kayak ensemble…

  • Reply Jun 12 2012


    Déjà 6 mois !

  • Reply Jun 12 2012


    Ces 6 mois ont du passer à une vitesse !!!

    • Reply Jun 14 2012


      oui ! et en même temps quand on y repense, on a fait un max de trucs !! vive la vie à l’étranger !

  • c’est fou comment on s’approprie vite une ville, on s’adapte à une nouvelle vie :)
    sinon heureusement que le chien a son gilet de sauvetage aussi ;))
    des bises :)

    • Reply Jun 14 2012


      Ah ah ! bien vu pour le chien :))
      C’est sympa de pouvoir dire “ma” ville (même si j’ai dû le dire pour pas mal de villes maintenant…).

  • Reply Jun 14 2012


    Le chien !!!!
    Happy B-day !!! :)

    • Reply Jun 14 2012


      Ah ah ! eh oui, le chien avec son gilet de sauvetage :)) Merci pour le b-day.

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