Where to sleep in Boston // Neighborhoods of the city

If you’ll go to Boston to spend a few days, one of the biggest question will be: what neighborhood should I stay. It can make a whole difference of liking or not a city according to the place you’re staying at. When I arrived in Boston at the beginning of 2012, I lived for the first 2 weeks in a residential area, and it really depressed me, coming from a lively place in Paris. Anyway, my goal was different, I was looking for a place to stay, but I knew that residential area were not for me. If you are looking for a short period of time place to stay, here are my recommendations…

Trouver un hotel à Boston

In the center of Boston

  • These are the historical neighborhood, probably the most charming.
  • You won’t need a car, and you can easily reach the stations if you want to go north – North Station to go to Salem, Marbelhead, Cape Ann or Ipswich, and South Station to go to the Cape Cod.
  • It’s pricey.

Beacon Hill: probably the most “Bostonian” area. It’s so nice and quaint to walk on these narrow streets, it looks like an English movie but with American flags.
Downtown: you’ll find the high American buildings, close to the historical buildings. This contrast make Boston downtown really nice and not too cold. You’ll be close to the Theater District with, well, as you can guess, theaters, and also comedy cellars.
North End: it’s a cute Italian neighborhood, even if it doesn’t look like Italy at all, you’ll hear some people speaking Italian and you can eat American-Italien food. It’s pretty touristic for my taste, but definitely worth checking. It’s close to the Faneuil Hall, where the ambiance is more Irish than Italian. And you’ll be close to the aquarium and of the Boston Harbor.
Back Bay: it’s a chic neighborhood with residential streets and shopping places. A good  mixed, close to the Boston Common.

Trouver un hotel dans le centre de Boston

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  1. Thanks!

    What about “South Boston”. We are planning to stay there for 10 nights this Christmas.

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