We like George Carlin!

We already talked on this blog how much we liked Louis C.K who is fairly unknown in France. The other day, Manu was watching a video of him talking about his mentor, George Carlin. His humor is very dark, political, cynical, harsh, but let’s face it: it’s also really funny.

George Carlin talked about anything, without taboo: abortion, religion, death penalty, racism, family, death, the evolution of English… The topics are pretty serious, and Carlin sounded like a “moralist”, trying to make a point and not only joking around. His way of using the positions of his opponents and showing how absurd they can be makes his sketches really funny, and most of the time, really not politically correct.  Misanthrope, cynical and not really kind to the human beings, Carlin seemed to still believe that he could educate people using his jokes. Well, we laugh, but it’s also sad and depressing.

Here is a selection of some of his shows.

Did you know about George Carlin? Who are you favorite American comedians?



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