Walking Tours of Boston in French

You are planning a visit of Boston or you live in Boston and you want to know more about the city? Come and have a tour with me, in French only. If the words Mayflower, Puritans, Boston Tea Party, Civil War or even Massachusetts don’t ring a bell: this tour is for you. I’ve prepared a tour to try to figure out what is the “Boston spirit”, and I hope it will make you enjoy the city as much as I like it. The tour will be given only in French. It’s my perspective on how it is to live in this great American City as a Frenchie.

For about 3 hours, we will walk in the historic districts of the city, talking about history and architecture, but also stories about the city and local lifestyle, and some nice places to take a good pictures.

back bay boston visite guidée

Beacon Hill Boston visite guidée

Visite guidée Boston common
Downtown Boston visite guidée
Big Dig Boston visite guidée
North End quartier italien Boston

Are you interested to tour Boston “en français?”

Rendez-vous sur Boston le nez en l’air

Who am I?

My name is Mathilde, and I’ve been living in Boston since January 2012. I’ve started writing this blog at the same time, mostly in French: articles about Boston, where to eat, where to go out, what seems weird or just different for me as a Frenchie. I’ve started travelling more and more in New England and all over the US, and I even wrote guides for Michelin. I’m so happy when people said to me that they enjoy their stay in Boston or anywhere in the US thanks to my recommendations they found on the blog.

I had many visitors coming from Europe, and I did them a tour of the city. Everybody loves Boston, but my tour lacked some knowledge. So I decided to study the history of Boston, and the United States, from the Revolution to the Indians, the geography, the politics, etc. The tour I’m offering represents “my Boston” that I see through my eyes of a Frenchie who loves and enjoy the American culture, lifestyle and history.

Mathilde visite guidée Boston
Do I look super serious in this big chair?

They liked it!

visite guidee boston en français
“What a great chance to discover the city of Boston following Mathilde. It’s not loud like a duck tour, Mathilde told stories with “finesse” and humour, mixing historical and architectural facts, surprising stories in Boston and Massachusetts, and also lifestyle about the region. It seemed like we were just walking around, but our group actually walked a lot, in many neighborhoods, and we saw and learned a lot. I’ve been living in Boston for the past 8 months, but I was very surprised with what I’ve learned. The Mathilde’s Tour is a must-do in Boston and I will recommend it to anybody who’ll visit me.

“We had a great time during your tour that allowed us to find our way in Boston. I’ve particularly enjoy hearing about your personal choices, the fact that you were easy-going and dynamic. It was cold and dark at the end, but you were great!”




Writer, organizer and social media-ter for my own blog. When I'm not in front of my laptop, I'm organizing guided tours of Boston with my own company "Boston le nez en l'air". It's in French! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.