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These past few months, I’ve been reading Anne’s blog, aka Mlle Dubndidu, when she used to live in Los Angeles. Her daily life, job, outfits, work out, trips in the USA : I liked her funny and very honest way to describe all that. And then Anne came to Boston, we met for a brunch. It was nice to spend some time chatting, meeting her “for real” and chatting about our own experiences abroad. Anne is now back in France. She answered a few questions about her life in Uncle Sam’s country.

Anne Mlle DubndiduSee Ya Soon

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? Hello, my name is Anne I’m 21 years old. I study politics in Aix-en-Provence. And… I’m a very talky girl, curious and in love with California!

Why did you leave for the USA? In my college program, I had to spend one year abroad, either in another college or in a company. I chose the second option which allowed me more flexibility. After a few weeks, I found a 10 months internship in an environment company. I didn’t really want to go to the USA, I wasn’t really attracted by this country and I would have preferred to go to London. But I was wrong…

Los Angeles - Mlle Dubndidu

The longest day of my life, when I arrived in LA

What do you prefer about L.A., California and the USA? The weather and the landscapes are awesome… but most of all, I loved the people, the way they welcome you. They are always cheerful, open-minded and enthusiastic. I like Los Angeles very much: it’s so big, so unique, so diverse. It’s worth it to know this city. But don’t go there only for 2 days with a touristic schedule. You need more time… You need to live there!

What don’t you like about it? Or is there something that upsets you? Well… it’s complicated to talk about it, specially in Europe, but I was chocked by the racial separation, the fact that Hispanic people stay together, or that certain jobs are implicitly dedicated to them. It was always a “Mexican” – as we said over there – who cleaned the tables, washed my car or took care of my yard. It’s complicated to understand this from my point of view. In the same time, I saw people with “Hispanic roots”(most of the time they have Mexicans relatives and they grew up in the US), they were graduated and had a good job.

Cinco de Mayo Mlle dubndidu

El Cinco de Mayo en Los Angeles

What’s your favorite American meal? It’s hard to say… strawberries and bananas pancakes… or French fries… or veggie burger from Shake Shake, and all the stuff at Chipotle!

What’s your favorite word in English? I have tons of favorite words! Belly button is one of them, and also Lily of the Valley, I’ve learnt it on May 1st (it’s a tradition to offer this flower in France on this day).

You have visited a lot of places in the USA. What was your best experience? It’s hard to figure it out… probably New Orleans was the most striking visit, thanks of the cultural aspects and the particular energy in the city and in Louisiana in general. I’ve loved being in New York as well, but I was sure I would like the city, so it was less a surprise than New Orleans.

New Orleans - Melle Dubndidu

36 hours in New Orleans

New Orleans

Goin’Down the Bayou

Do you want to live abroad again? I do! I don’t see myself living in France forever, I only figure myself living and working abroad. I would love to come back to the US, but why not elsewhere! I like the excitement of discovering a new country.

Did you like sharing your experience abroad on your blog? Now that I’m back, it’s impossible for me to talk about it anymore, because is sounds snobbish… But when I was there, I was just sharing my daily life. Today, I fell very frustrated, that’s why I’ve changed the way of writing on my blog. Sometimes when I read past blog posts, I’m like: « Oh my god! Did I really write that? I did this???? » I spent one year travelling, trying to be open-minded, talking of other stuff than shopping. Sharing my experience gives me maturity, some clues about what I really want for me in the future. What about fashion when I can spend my money travelling around the world?

Surf in Cali - Mlle Dubndidu

Surf in Cali

Thanks a lot to Anne for answering my questions. All the pictures on this post belong to her. You can visit her blog at Anne & Dubndidu. All the posts about USA are in the category: USA me voilà !

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  • La piqûre du goût de vivre à l’étranger :)
    Super découverte de blog, merci :)

  • Reply Sep 3 2012


    Quand on voit que tous ceux qui partent ne veulent plus rentrer alors on se dit que c’est peut-être une excellente chose de faire ses études à l’étranger !
    Ça donne envie en tout cas !

  • Reply Jan 30 2013



    je pars pour L..A. début mars pour le travail. Quel quartier me conseillez-vous pour habiter sachant que je vais travailler au Nord de la ville (Simi Valley)?


    • Reply Jan 30 2013


      Bonjour Luc, je ne vais pas pouvoir te répondre, car comme tu ne l’as sans doute pas remarqué, ce blog parle de Boston, dans le Massachusetts, et l’article où tu as laissé ton commentaire racontait la vie d’une étudiante à LA l’an dernier…
      Sorry about that !

  • Reply May 14 2015

    Good Morning Usa

    Mais comment j’ai pu passé à coté de cet article ??? #groupie ! Deux de mes blogueuses préférées dans un seul article… J’avoue que cela me replonge dans mes souvenirs.

    Il y a quelques années (4/5ans ?? WAW), je cherchais des infos sur comment partir aux US, un vieux dimanche pluvieux dans ma chambre et puis je suis tombée sur le blog d’Anne qui, “à l’époque” habitait encore à Los Angeles. J’ai littéralement dévoré son blog pour vivre mon rêve un peu par procuration surement. J’adorais ses récits mode/sport/US !

    Deux ans après, je faisais des recherches sur la ville de New York dans l’open space de mon agence web – qui a bercée mes jours pendant presque 2 ans et demi – et je suis tombée sur ton blog Mathilde. Blindé d’informations, de petits conseils… et là aussi, je l’ai dévoré. Je retiendrais les sorties camping que j’avais adoré !!

    Le jour où Boston est à moi, je fonce faire ta visite guidée, c’est clair !

    Aujourd’hui, moi aussi, je suis là ! Ni à Los Angeles, ni à Boston mais au milieu de nulle part, à Saint Louis dans le Mid West. Mais bon sang, qu’est ce que c’est chouette même si la situation n’est pas facile tout le temps !

    Enfin… voilà… #J’aiRacontéMaVie #SoSorry … Mais parfois “l’expat/voyageur” est un peu seul, alors…

    Ps ; J’aurais aimé être une petite souris pour bruncher avec vous ce jour là 😉

    • Reply May 14 2015


      Hello Miss !!
      Hé oui, j’ai rencontré Anne il y a bien longtemps, je suivais son blog à LA et je le trouvais super motivant pour la course à pied, en plus de sa bonne humeur.
      Un grand merci pour ton message.
      A bientôt !

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