Night’s game and America’s Test Kitchen

My conversation partner invited us for a “night’s game”. She had also invited a friend who is a chef for a cookbook publisher. I love the coincidence (that was my job in Paris). Before accepting her invitation, I asked what would be the games: Scrabble, Scattergories, Taboo. Ok, games based on words (Maybe I can  do mime or sing?). We will meet at 5?30 pm, for a buffet and wine.

Buffet and wine

Cultural aside: Dinners are early here (very serious study based on three diners). And we already had invitations with the departure time indicated. Not used to.

We arrived one hour after the ‘requested’ time, Manu could not leave too early from work. I planned to make crêpes, I know it is cliché but I assume they will like them. The chef brought from deli and cheese, and our host had prepared lots of dips and cookies (I’ve never eaten such good ones). My crêpes with sugar looked so ‘amateur’…


We didn’t play Scrabble. It was a relief because I was already imagining us with 3-letters words, or worse, invented ones. We played Taboo and it was a lot of fun. Some cards were fatal to us: American famous people (but not famous for us, as Martha Stewart, TV guys or politics), or unknown words.Well of course at the end of the evening I felt to be super good in English and speak fluently, but sadly, it’s just a side effect of the alcohol.

America's Test KitchenThe chief-cook-who-works-for-a-publishing-house offered us to come see her. Yay! I discovered America’s Test Kitchen, it’s totally new for me. All the recipes are tested several times by chefs, led by the publishers, and even a scientist. After multiple tests, each recipe begins with a story about how to do it, which included failed tests. I’m not used to that at all, and I love it!

Turquey - America's Test Kitchen

 Daily, they test new recipes … and at night they take home the leftovers.

A large library with thousands of cookbooks, two large kitchens with lots of food stocks, studio photos with styling accessories, and offices : this is a very nice place!

Stylisme America's Test Kitchen

Casseroles America's Test Kitchen

They get tons of letters from readers: people who ask if they know the recipe for an almond cake made in Tennessee in the 50’s, or why the icing on their cake didn’t make it in the fridge, how to make potatoes baked crunchy and chewy without being all burnt. And the editor/chef do test in several ways to respond in the best possible way.

I love that !

Very nice dinner, great meetings, and I’m glad I discovered this publisher absolutely unknown and unique! I don’t even know if they are famous here, but I guess so.  Maybe we should get a TV, I feel that we don’t get a huge part of the American culture…

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  • Reply Mar 9 2012


    J’adore le concept de la maison d’édition…

    • Reply Mar 9 2012


      C’est vrai, ça te plaît ? En tout cas, ça sentait bon là-bas…

      • Reply Mar 13 2012


        Oui ça me plait! ça donne envie…

  • Reply Mar 10 2012

    La Grande Blonde

    Mais c’est genial, comme concept de maison d’edition ! Il va falloir que j’aille regarder ca de plus pres… J’adore l’idee des tests repetes (c’est mon cote scientifique, ca, j’ai ete conditionnee) et des syntheses en edito.
    Quand a la tele, apres un an et demi sans, on commence a se dire aussi qu’on rate tout un pan de la culture aussie, a ne pas du tout la regarder. Il va falloir qu’on s’y mette, au moins un peu…

    • Reply Mar 13 2012


      Ca nous arrive de voir un bout de télé, dans des restos ou dans des bars. Il y a des écrans PARTOUT, dur de ne pas rester scotcher devant parfois…

  • Reply Mar 12 2012


    J’aime beaucoup l’ambiance de ton blog, dommage que je n’ai pas trouvé ton hellocoton pour m’abonner…

    • Reply Mar 12 2012


      Merci !
      Suite à ton message, l’ingénieur technique s’est emparé du problème et maintenant tu peux tout trouver facilement à partir de mon blog.

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