Savannah, Georgia

My short guide to Savannah, Georgia.

What to do, what to see in Savannah

  • Walking by the squares of the historic district. Monterey & Lafayette were my favorites
  • Checking out the nice houses of the victorian neighborhood
  • Factors Walk by the river
  • Strolling in Forsyth Park, pas loin du centre historique
  • Bonaventure cemetery
  • Wormsloe, an historic park with an awesome oak alley
  • Tybee Island
Bateau roue a aubes Savannah-1Bateau roue a aubes Savannah-1

❧ Places to eat in Savannah ❧

  • Foxy Loxy, 1919 Bull St., a great coffee shop!
  • Wiley’s Championship BBQ, 4700 US-80, classic “cue” or barbecue
  • The Public Kitchen, 1 W Liberty  St. A hip place to have a drink
  • Mrs Wilke’s Dining Room, 107 W Jones St. Typical Southern food
  • Coco’s Sunset Grille, Old US Hwy, à Tibey Island. Shrimp party by the swamp
  • We used AirBnb for 2 nights – sign up with here to get a $25 coupon!
Foxy Loxy - Carnet d'adresse Savannah-1

Historic center of Savannah


Visiter Savannah Georgie - panneaux dans la rue
Visiter Savannah Georgie - antiquités
Visiter Savannah Georgie - fontaine
Visiter Savannah Georgie - Mercer House


☜ Mercer Williams House, on Monterey square. I was reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil at that time, and this non-fiction book takes place right here.


Visiter Savannah Georgie - Forsyth Park 1 Visiter Savannah Georgie - rue pavée
Visiter Savannah Georgie - colonial park cemetery

Nice paved street in Savannah 

Colonial Park Cemetery, 1750

Savannah Georgie quartier victorien-1
Savannah Georgie quartier victorien-2

Victorian neighborood in Savannah

We followed the path of the touristic trolley! That was a good call, we spent some time in this gorgeous neighborhood with big victorian houses.

Visiter Savannah Georgie - maison victorienne

Forsyth park


Visiter Savannah Georgie - Forsyth Park

Visiter Savannah Georgie - grande maison blanche

Factors Walk


Visiter Savannah Georgie - Factors Walk 1 Visiter Savannah Georgie - pont et bateau à aubes

Leaving Savannah

Bonaventure Cemetery,
spooky and romantic


Cimetiere Bonaventure Savannah Georgie-2 Cimetiere Bonaventure Savannah Georgie-1
Le parc historique de Wormsloe Savannah Georgie-3

Historic park of Wormsloe,

I went there to see the unique oak alley, which stretches over more than 2 km. It’s very cool to drive under this arch. But this park is more than that, it’s also the first site of Georgia occupied by English settlers. John Noble, the founder of Georgia got there in 1736.

Le parc historique de Wormsloe Savannah Georgie-1 le parc historique de wormsloe savannah georgie 2
Tybee Island Savannah

Tybee Island,

The sky was dark, and the wind was blowing. The water was really warm and we walked on the burning sand. The storm hit us and we found refuge in our car. This beach is gorgeous, the town itself was mostly touristy and not really quaint. See more of the Georgia and South Carolina coast on this article.

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