Observing canadian wildlife at the Parc Omega

parc omega - elk

During our stay in Quebec for the Christmas holidays, Mathilde’s cousin had prepared a nature outing at Omega Park, a large reserve where animals roam freely. There is 15 km road loop, with different herds of animals living in different areas. During this tour, we were able to see from far or very close elks, deers, reindeers, mooses, ibexes, bison but also predators living in Canada like wolves, arctic foxes or a bear. Unfortunately, predators did not roam freely, probably for the safety of visitors but also for the herds of herbivores, which, everyone knows, run fast but are not very smart. In the end we spent a great afternoon contemplating and photographing the animals, and feeding them. You can buy carrots at the entrance and that is why we are literally chased by these huge animals all over the park!


(click on the pictures to see them bigger) The big male elks are really impressive and much higher than the car … Photo bombing by the ibex.

parc omega - faon| www.maathiildee.com

The little fawn looked so soft!

parc omega - élan| www.maathiildee.com

Note the crazy moose that is in cages for the sake of his neighbors.

The bisons are still impressive. The bison in the center looks very sensitive and dreamy. Right, mom and dad bison.

Carrot distribution sessions by Fabio. Do not be afraid of the elk drool when they lean inside the car! Other cute inhabitants of the park.

It was a little sad to see the predators in cages, but they lived in packs which is already more like a natural way of life for these social animals. We saw the brown bear, but it was in hibernation and not very active.ait pas très actif.

parc omega - loup blanc arctique| www.maathiildee.comparc omega - loup blanc arctique| www.maathiildee.com

Arctic white wolves are mesmerizing, I think.

parc omega - meute de loups | www.maathiildee.com

Games of fighting in the pack gray wolves.

For more information about the Omega Park, see their website (and map of the route). We went there from Montreal, about 1 hour by car. The visit takes at least 2-3 hours.

Also read more about our Christmas road trip in Quebec and Montreal.

My dream would be to go to the great Canadian north to observe these animals in the wild, like a frozen safari! Have you ever seen these beasts during your visits to national parks?
-Manu, @hm_u




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