Los Angeles, I’ll be back!

I was recently on a road trip in California, and posted a lot about it without starting with the beginning – Los Angeles. I didn’t have any good pictures because the camera was stolen in our hotel… I do have pictures from my phone, it’s messy and not as nice as ‘real’ pictures but I loved my stay so much that I wanted to blog about LA.

I really wanted to begin this trip with Los Angeles. It’s the second largest city in the country, and it was my first time there. People in general have strong opinions about the city – they either love it or hate it. I have good Angelinos friends and I didn’t want to tell them: ‘your city suck’. I had 3 days to make up my mind – or at least a first opinion. I loved it. I may have only been to the crème de la crème of Los Angeles, but that’s the point in a way, when you travel in short period of time? Going to the nice places rather than the crappy ones. So here’s what I saw, did and ate in LA for 3 days.

Feb 16 ✈ Boston > Los Angeles

Boston sous la neige et le froid // www.maathiildee.com

Los Angeles - vue sur la plage // www.maathiildee.com

AFTER, IN LA – still in shock
manhattan beach coucher de soleil - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com
 Manhattan Beach

Tuesday ❦ South Bay, Palos Verdes

sunken city los Angeles
Sunken City
point fermin lighthouse - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

Point Fermin Lighthouse, 1874
no dumping

No dumping!

Beach cruiser ✌ Santa Monica – Venice Beach

beach cruiser Santa Monica Los Angeles // www.maathiildee.com
Samantha on her bike
Beach Cruiser - vélo - skate park - Los Angeles

Skate Park
Instax Los Angeles


Venice canals

venice beach - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com
Les canaux de Venice - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

smoothie sur la plage en février - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

Milk Shake,

Fun Fair in  Santa Monica

sunset dans un transat Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

La fete foraine Santa Monica - www.maathiildee.com

Ferris Wheel

route 66 End of TRail Santa Monica Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

Route 66
Griffith observatory Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory

All right, this pic is ugly. It’s just to give a rough idea of how spread out LA is. Go there, go up there. It’s huge.

Wednesday – downtown Los Angeles

disney center downtown la

Walt Disney Concert Hall, 2003
gare Art Deco de Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

Union Station, 1939
not weird downtown LA - www.maathiildee.com
maison halliwell Los Angeles
Halliwell sisters’ house

✏ 1329 Prescott Street, Los Angeles

Le signe Hollywood - Los Angeles - www.maathiildee.com

Thursday  ❤ one last tour

Los Angeles Californie - Getty Center - www.maathiildee.com 3 Los Angeles Californie - Getty Center Los Angeles Californie - la plage - www.maathiildee.com


Los Angeles Californie-4 traffic jam à Los Angeles




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