How to learn the map of the US

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I couldn’t place Boston on a map before living in the US, and not even pronuncing Massachusetts with an accent okay enough to be understood. I bought a big map, which is still in my main room, in my flat and once in a while I’m learning some States and their capitals. It was useful to play Trivia during the Christmas holiday since I had a question about the capital of Vermont, which I knew – and everybody was surprised. Me the first. Here are the tools that I used to learn these states.

On the website “Your kids learn” -that should be renamed to “… and foreigners as well”, I’ve learnt to place the States – with and without the lines of the borders. Woot Woot! Tricky! Try this puzzle yourself:

Apprendre la carte des Etats-Unis


The hard points

  • Midwest states: they all look the same.
  • A common mistake for beginners: place Washington state on the East Coast.
  • The small states of the East Coast can be tricky… but I live in Boston, so that’s my jam!

I maps are your jam:

histoire des Etats-Unis
  • This map shows the evolution of the States since 1789. France used to have a big part of the States. ‘sigh’
  • If you love procrastination, check out this map: the game is to name a maximum of countries of the world. Link here 
  • This map shows how the States were seen in 1498. Carte 2 dans cet article de Buzzfeed
  • For Thanksgiving, Brits places the States on a map, and here is the results. 


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