Food Trucks // Ice cream sandwiches & Penny Packe

When I see a food truck at a corner, it makes me smile and gives me the will to live my life. This week, in the great food truck family, please welcome Frozen Hoagis, Ice Cream Sandwich master, and the revered Penny Packer’s, with a cool name and deliciously fantastic sandwiches.  Just so you know, these two are our favorites.

Ice cream sandwiches - Frozen Hoagis

Once upon a time, instead of cleaning an ice cream pot bottom with a cookie, a dessert genius asked to himself: would it be great to bond these two foods? That’s how the ice cream sandwich was born, Italian cousin of the gelato inside a brioche (NB: Brioche was the nickname a sport teacher gave me when I lived in Italy, a way to honour my love for food, or my brioche body shape…).

Brioche & Ice Cream

You can also call it in Italian “la bomba calorica”

Frozen Hoagies Food Truck

Frozen Hoagis is gently parked on Boston University campus Mondays and Fridays. You can choose your cookie, your ice cream and the size of the sandwich (US Size: either normal or tiny = huge or normal). When you got one, you can live happy for the next 15 minutes, time you’ll need to eat this improper ice cream.

When you see Penny Packer’s from a distance, you can think it’s a SWAT truck, but no, it’s just a bad ass food truck. Manu became first addict to this food truck, also parked on BU campus. He kept telling me how much he loved the sandwiches, salads and beverages. He’s going there almost every day with his colleagues.  I dream of going with him, but how could I mix in his team lunch?Lemonade Porchetta Food Truck Penny Packer's

I did it! And it’s true: it’s really good. Menu changes everyday, as a lot of food trucks it’s fresh and local. Lemonade is awesome, fresh and slightly sweet. Manu had once a pink lavender lemonade: he loved it, which it’s kind of embarasing to admit to his colleagues.The best sandwich, elected unanimously, it’s the porchetta: grilled pork, crusty and melting in the same time, mustard à l’ancienne, some arugula. Depending on the days, mustard is replaced with figs and cranberries. So yummy.

Sandwiches Penny Packers

Food truck is the dreamy canteen: you don’t know what you’ll find, but you’re sure it’ll be good. There’s also a veggie option, and even a Tacos Tuesday. 

In June, I participate to a competition for the ‘nicest composed dish” (la plus belle assiette composée) on the Ariane Grumbach blog (she’s a great dietetician in Paris). And I won! Third place… You can read the results (in French) on her blog.



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