Elk Loop: a scenic road in Colorado // Ranchs, peaks & cute villages

To go to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we took a scenic road called the Elk Loop. It took us 2 days, the road turns around a massive peak. We love road trips, we had nothing else to do. We saw:

  • mountains, with incredible views that forced us to stop to take a pic,
  • ranchs, with huge wooden doors and no fences,
  • mines still in activity, and some were abandoned,
  • ski resorts with a Far West look.
Colorado-Elk-Loop-5 Colorado-Elk-Loop-2 Colorado-Elk-Loop-6 la nuit Colorado-Elk-Loop-7 Colorado-Elk-Loop-8 ranch Colorado-Elk-Loop-14 rivière Colorado-Elk-Loop-13 montagnes Colorado-Elk-Loop-12 route scénique Colorado-Elk-Loop-11 marais Colorado-Elk-Loop-10 route scénique Colorado-Elk-Loop-9 ranch

Crested Butte:

Colorado-Elk-Loop crested butte station de pompiers Colorado-Elk-Loop-17 Crested Butte Colorado-Elk-Loop-19 Crested Butte Colorado-Elk-Loop-une bière au bar

  • The Elk Loop is actually 2 loops – Routes 133, 135 and 92.
  • 205 miles (330 km), 10 hours of driving, de trajet, with many stops.
  • We stopped to sleep at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and in Crested Butte, a lovely village. Old Town Inn was a plain motel but with an awesome service.Thank your guys!
  • From Crested Butte, we took a dirt road, closed during winter, to the Kebler pass. The road is incredible and we saw a lot of wild animals.
  • Read more about our road trip in Colorado and Utah here.
Colorado elk loop - la route dessinée sur mon carnet


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