Early morning on Instagram…

Last week, Caro from the blog Little Caro in Big Apple tagged me on Instagram for a challenge. I had to take 5 pictures for 5 days in a row about my “Early Mornings”. I loved the idea because… I love mornings and Instagram!You can think that Instagram is just a useless gadget, and the pics are ridiculous with all these vintage filters (this very fun video is a great parody of this app)… for sure it’s a bit like that, but there are also a lot of interesting, fun or cute people to follow. It’s a delight to see all these pictures and it’s like following mini-blogs from all around the world. The quality is not awesome, for sure, but when you look at them on a phone, they are so small that I don’t notice this anymore.

I’ve collected my latest Instagram, the #5shotchallenge shots (first banner and the pic of the New England guide) and a few others. I don’t think there was anything to win with this challenge, but I’m okay to get a cookie since I woke up early for 5 days, even once before the snow blower…

Boston Instagram Instagram Boston Boston soleil Vermont Instagram

You can follow me on Instagram. And for those of you who don’t have the app, you can see my pics on the upper right of the blog.

And what about you, do you like Instagram ? 



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