Death Valley // Surviving the desert

Thursday, second day of our road trip. We go through the infinite road 395. It’s long straight road, framed on each side by mountains. Around 6pm, we arrived in a first Valley,   Panamint Valley: there’s nothing else to see that red rocks, everywhere. The heat is already very intense, the sky is blue; there’s a tiny cloud floating in the air. We cross this first valley and here we go, we enter the Death Valleu. Now no cloud can go through there.  We are intimidated by the morbid reputation of this place, and the beauty of the landscapes. Nobody will hear us scream…

The Death Video…

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Death Valley - Furnace Creek - Death Valley - Death Valley Victim -

You can maybe wonder what you will see on the hottest, driest and lowest place in the United States. Actually, there’s a lot to see in this desert…

Mesquite Flat Dunes - Death Valley - Dunes - Death Valley - Death Valley - Death Valley - Badwater - Death Valley - Sea Level - Badwater - Dip - Death Valley - Painter Palette - Death valley - Zabriskie Point - Death Valley - Zabriskie Point - Death Valley - Dante's View - Death Valley - Dante's View - Death Valley -

I loved this stop: Death Valley is unique, extreme and very dramatic. There are tons of other things to see, it’s the biggest National Park. And the experience must be really different in winter for instance, or after the rain: it’s supposed to be covered with vegetation. You have to be lucky to see that, it’s pretty rare.

Friday, around noon, we are ready to leave. Next stop: Las Vegas ! From the silence of the Death Valley to a urban chaos…

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