Visiting the Death Valley during winter, is it really a good idea?

At least I was not suffering of too much AirCon, gross sweat stains or dehydration. I know, Death Valley can be anything but glamourous. It is the biggest national park outside of Alaska, and even if it may seem that there’s not much to see, it is full of surprises.

death valley california-2First glimpse over a first valley, we are not yet in the Death Valley
death valley california Route interminableJust a long straight road
death valley california-3Our SUV loves being on pictures
Samantha, myself, Jeanne and Manu are happy, with the feet in the sand
death valley california - tempête de sable
Sand storm!
death valley california - General Store
Far West  grocery shopping
We look like the Power Rangers
death valley california - cratère
Walking on the edge of a crater
In the middle of nowhere, here’s the Scotty Castle
death valley california - Painted Artist Palette
Artists drive
death valley california-21
Looking for “pupfish”
death valley california - Bad Water
Badwater is located below the sea level. The water is so bad than even the donkeys didn’t want to drink it
The rain is coming
death valley california - les petites fleurs
Early Spring flowers!
death valley california - le pipi

Next stop of this road trip: Las Vegas…




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