Visiter les grandes villes américaines

Why is it so pretty? Charleston, South Carolina

I loved Charleston, I found this city vibrant, gorgeous, young and alive. Its past may be dark, its present has also recently been terrible, but I had a huge crush on this weekend spent there.

2 days in Quebec City

We spent Christmas in Montreal and decided to go explore Quebec city for 2 days. It took me a long time to post these pictures, it was wayyy before the winter hit us up! The

Los Angeles, I’ll be back!

I was recently on a road trip in California, and posted a lot about it without starting with the beginning – Los Angeles. I didn’t have any good pictures because the camera was stolen in our hotel… I

Pretty chill Las Vegas

February, 22rd. We left the Death Valley, we have a 2-hour drive to get to Las Vegas. It’s already dark out, it’s raining, and soon, it even starts to snow. Manu is driving, everybody is quiet

A day in Fort Lauderdale

I didn’t have the best memory of Fort Lauderdale from my first trip there. Too touristy: that how I labelled the city. But I had to go back, it was the last city I needed

Palm Bling Beach

Who lived in Palm Beach*? Slim Fast founder, Titanic survivor, Netscape founder, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, the former CEO of  Pepsi, Vera Wang (wedding dress), Trump family. Palm Beach is an island for rich people.

Naples, Florida in front of the Mexico gulf

I’ve kept a good memory of Naples beach, and not such a good memory of the city itself. Too fake? Anyway, the colors at the beach were unique: pastel blue, warm white sand, and many

Key West #2 – Old Town

Key West Old Town is a gorgeous historic district in Florida. I loved Key West the first time I came there, and this time I was here to explore the place more deeply. Even though it was spring