Travels in the United States

We love travelling in the USA! As soon as we can, we hop in the car and we go on a road trip in New England, the West, …

(vlog) Am I gonna leave this canyon alive?

This video is just a teaser before the weekend, a video to enjoy if you’re longing sun, summer, vacation, road trip… If you don’t speak French, I added subtitles, just click on CC. I’ll post

(Los Angeles) Hiking up to the Hollywood sign

This past February, I spent a week with my friend Trish in Los Angeles ; Trish is pretty fit (the ultimate proof is that she ran the Boston Marathon 3 months after giving birth), and

2 days 1/2 in Asheville, North Carolina

Not Nasheville Tennessee, but Asheville in North Carolina. The first time I heard about it was because 2 friends from France were doing a road trip from Florida to Washington DC. They loved their stay in Asheville, and the idea

My 15 days of off road trip in Nevada and Utah

15 days, 15 nights of road trip in the South West, that was our program for the Summer of 2017. We came back in this region that we’ve already visited a couple of times, because it’s hot, and

Why is it so pretty? Charleston, South Carolina

I loved Charleston, I found this city vibrant, gorgeous, young and alive. Its past may be dark, its present has also recently been terrible, but I had a huge crush on this weekend spent there.