New England

New England is on the East Coast of the United States, and there are 6 states in it… Massachusetts – where we are living – is one of them!

Bling Bling: Christmas at the Newport mansions

Don’t you want – sometimes – a shot of bling bling? To pretend that there’s a world where it’s totally fine to decorate a house with 35 trees? Enjoy it, because the illusion only lasts

Glamping in New Hampshire

Mid-July, I received an email to invite me to discover a new campground in New England. I wasn’t quite ready right away to accept gifts for the blog, but I thought that camping in New

A fall weekend in Vermont – Rain and shine

I’m more than 30 so I’m allowed to enjoy doing nothing during the weekend (I don’t live in New York). A friend asked me if I was interested in going on a getaway in Vermont (I’m

Martha’s Vineyard, quintessential New England

We spent 4 days on Martha’s Vineyards, simply called The Vineyards. I’ve planned this trip months ago, and forgot about it… and when it was time to leave, I was really happy to spend the 4 of July

Video – Acadia Landscapes

I like making videos of the weekends we do here in the US. It takes some time, I’ve been doing these less and less recently, but I know that later, I’ll be happy to watch

Such a sweet day at the Cape Cod

A cousin of mine and her husband were in Boston this past weekend. They were coming from Montreal, where they have been living for a few months, and it was their first time in New

An afternoon at the MassMOCA

Last weekend felt like spring – New England style, so still pretty chilly. We rented a car and we headed west, in the Berkshires. It’s been a while that I wanted to go to the