13 movies about Boston

This is an article I wanted to publish for a while: movies about Boston, or happening in Boston. For the movie geek, some of them are in Cambridge, where Harvard University and the MIT are,

How to learn the map of the US

Map par Little pixie lily I couldn’t place Boston on a map before living in the US, and not even pronuncing Massachusetts with an accent okay enough to be understood. I bought a big map,

Tested out: a running club with some bootcamp options

Why going to a running club? And more important: why going back? These are the metaphysical questions I’m asking to myself on Wednesdays. It all started with a nice conversation with a friend one night, and

We like George Carlin!

We already talked on this blog how much we liked Louis C.K who is fairly unknown in France. The other day, Manu was watching a video of him talking about his mentor, George Carlin. His humor is very

Classic American Musicals

Sometimes, I wish that life could be a musical. I would wear a huge dress, a small scarf around the neck and a red lipstick. I would sing in the metro, splash in puddles, everything

Early morning on Instagram…

Last week, Caro from the blog Little Caro in Big Apple tagged me on Instagram for a challenge. I had to take 5 pictures for 5 days in a row about my “Early Mornings”. I loved the

Stand up comedy and Louis CK

I love watching TV shows, using always the same excuse: it improves my English (yeah, even with Gossip Girl). I used to follow a blog – Le Monde des séries, because this guy said that