Day trips from Boston

Such a sweet day at the Cape Cod

A cousin of mine and her husband were in Boston this past weekend. They were coming from Montreal, where they have been living for a few months, and it was their first time in New

An afternoon at the MassMOCA

Last weekend felt like spring – New England style, so still pretty chilly. We rented a car and we headed west, in the Berkshires. It’s been a while that I wanted to go to the

Let’s go to the Oyster Fest!

We left Boston early (9.30 is early for a Sunday) to go to the Cape, and more specifically Wellfleet. We were so up to celebrate the oysters coming back. What do you do during an

A cruise on a schooner in Salem

Last Sunday, we did a schooner cruise in Salem. In French, we say goélette, which has absolutely nothing in common. Manu had to learn how to use all the sailing words: he’s been learning how

Guided tour in the gorgeous Yale Universtity

“Why are we visiting an university?” Manu was a bit blasé this last Sunday morning. It was early and our first impression of the Yale campus was that it looked a bit too much like

The United States in 1620 // Welcome to Plymouth

We hear sometimes jokes about the fact that the US don’t have history: “this country is too young!”. But the first settlers came here in 1620 and even if the US were historically born after

The incredible mansions of Newport, Rhode Island

At the beginning of June, we spend two days in Rhode Island. Providence on Saturday, and Newport on Sunday! Newport is famous for rich people: sailing, tennis, nice beaches and back in time, it was

Visiting Rhode Island // First stop at Providence

Last weekend, we spent two days in Rhode Island, the smallest states in the US.  We arrived in Providence Friday night and it was pouring – some rest of a tropical storm. Fortunately, the day

My guide to New Hampshire

When I think “week end in New England”, Vermont’s countryside (and cheese), Maine’s lobster or Cape Cod’s beach come  in mind first. And what about New Hampshire?  We spent Memorial Day weekend over there. What