Under the Arches and the sun of Utah

Arches National Park, an amazing national park with Arches, but not only

Utah is part of the Wild West of the United States. I love travelling there: it’s wild, red and hot. The scenery of Southern Utah is unbelievable, magic. I don’t have words others than “awww”, “wahoo” and aussi “hell yes”.

Arches National Park - Devil's Garden
Yes, that’s a trail. On the Devil’s Garden.
arches-national-park le passage de l'eau
Wondering how we would cross this pond. We actually climbed the rock on the left.
Just an arch// On the right: the Dark Angel

arches-national-park Double O Arch

The huge Double O Arch, and a kid walking on top of it
Double O Arch and me // On the right: walking on fins. The image on the park website let us understand how this park was made
Partition arch
Around Arches National Park, it seems fairly even // On the right: a cairn to find our way
arches-national-park Double Arch
Double arch is huge: have you spotted the people down there?
It’s possible to climb on an arch, as long as you leave it as you found it // Right: flowers in the middle of the desert
arches-national-park the windows
On the Window Trail we saw the Spectacles Arches
arches-national-park Turret ARch
Turret Arch is a fun one
arches-national-park Delicate ARch
Delicate Arch, the symbol of Utah
arches-national-park Balanced Rock
Balanced rock
Park Avenue close to the entrance of the park looks very much like a cliché of Far West
Nefertiti’s head on the left, and the BATTLESHIP rock on the right
arches-national-park-8 Fiery Furnace - Utah
Fiery furnace




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