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Halloween horror movies

(Halloween) Which horror movie has scared you the most?

October is here, and it implies Halloween and therefore: horror movies.  I asked a few friends born and raised in the USA which was the scariest movie they saw. And to begin with, this is my answer… ⁂ This article was first published in French.


Montréal Cérébral

Je suis rentrée d’un séjour à Montréal très étrange, prévue pour deux jours festifs la semaine dernière, je me suis retrouvée hospitalisée d’urgence pour un problème au cerveau, inconnu jusqu’à présent. Tout est en train de rentrer dans l’ordre, je suis très fatiguée, mais je

printemps boston

Spring Cleaning

I’ve never been good at cleaning up. My place is always tidy, but extra clean? Not really. In my early 20s, I cleaned up my chambre de bonne, a tiny apartment underneath the roof in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. On the day of the inspection,

(vlog) Am I gonna leave this canyon alive?

This video is just a teaser before the weekend, a video to enjoy if you’re longing sun, summer, vacation, road trip… If you don’t speak French, I added subtitles, just click on CC. I’ll post in the next few days a long detailed article about

(Los Angeles) Hiking up to the Hollywood sign

This past February, I spent a week with my friend Trish in Los Angeles ; Trish is pretty fit (the ultimate proof is that she ran the Boston Marathon 3 months after giving birth), and among other touristy things we wanted to do together like

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