Life as an expatriate // Becoming a Cheap Bastard

We had to live the last week of March as ‘Cheap Bastards’. We spent carelessly our money by going out: restaurants, bars and so on… In fact, I don’t really know how or why, but we were broke. So we had to live cheaply, but trying to stay ‘chic’. We are still adapting to this new life abroad, and some things are way more expensive than in France. And maybe the true reason is that we are not very thrifty…

Cheap Boston : the book

I bought a water bottle. I know that for American people it is very normal : I see here that people are always carrying either a water bottle or a thermos coffee cup. Survival set. I agree: this is a very handy way to drink when you need it and you don’t have to buy all the time plastic water bottle. But I don’t want to look as if I were a girl scout with my water bottle and a back bag. I think I do now.

In another hand, we had to stop buying organic groceries. This is way too expensive. So this week, our food was full of antibiotics and pesticides. Manu took his own food to work (instead of buying sandwiches). Once we made an asparagus risotto (‘chic’ way of life) and Manu took the left over. A coworker of mine invited me for a couscous. Eventually, at the end of this week, we were fine.


To hang out, Manu spotted some possibilities offered by his university. We went out to a concert of contemporary Hispanic music. What the hell. I know, we may have made a mistake. I thought we were going to listen to guitars, and Manu was prepared for flamenco.  It may sound like ignorant, but it was way too experimental for us. We had the feeling that they tuned up their violins for 1 hour and a half. And when they were really tuning up backstage, I was wondering to myself : is this still part of the concert?

Violon  - Tsai Performance Center

Don’t go to the first row…

*I had to read carefully the book a friend lent me about living cheap in Boston…

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  • Reply Apr 6 2012


    Ah ah je me reconnais tient à dégoter les plans du radin chic. A miami la vie d’expatrié est plutôt indigeste pr notre humble compte en banque !!! Bon bah pr le moment je rentabilise la piscine gratuite de quartier en attendant mon premier salaire plus que bienvenu. Mais je vais investir quand même dans une gourde. Et un thermos car le Starbuck ça commence à faire mal !

  • Reply Apr 8 2012


    ouf ! je me sens moins seule ! En tout cas, gourde + thermos + piscine gratuite = c’est parfait !!

  • Reply Apr 19 2012

    M'dame Jo

    J’aime beaucoup de concept “radin chic”.

    • Reply Apr 19 2012


      Oui ! ça dédramatise… Le concept est de François Simon, le critique gastronomique.

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