Stand up comedy and Louis CK

I love watching TV shows, using always the same excuse: it improves my English (yeah, even with Gossip Girl). I used to follow a blog – Le Monde des séries, because this guy said that his favorite show was The Wire, definitely my choice as well. In 2010, I’ve started watching Louie, and I quickly fell for this guy in his 40’s, pretty ugly but with a incredible sense of humor and tragic that I loved.


Louie, Louie, Louie

How can I convince you that Louis CK is a genious and that his TV is major? Louie lives in New York, he’s divorced and is the father of 2 girls. During each episode – which lasts for 20 minutes – we follow him on the stage of a comedy cellar, and then on his daily life. On stage, his humor is rough and “under the belt”, he’s very rude. His life is just sad and made of awkward moments, because he’s unable to communicate with anybody – neither a neighbor, his girlfriend, brother nor his friends. We wonder why he can be so talented on stage… and so clumsy in his life. That’s why when I watch Louie I laugh like crazy, and the minute after I just want to cry. Everybody is sad and alone, and Louie is first.

You’ll find on youtube hours of shows…

This is a part of the latest and funniest season – with a lot of featuring  like David Lynch or Robin Williams…

For a few weeks, it seems that Louis CK has became the King of comedy in the US: he’ll start soon a big show all around the country, he’s just been to the Saturday Night Live and he even won an Emmy in September. This passion for him reminds me of a “new girl”, Lena Dunham, and her fantastic show Girls. I feel that they are the same people – she’s 20 years younger than him tough, but she’s to me also the right voice of a generation.

Boston Comedy Festival

Thanks to Louie, we discovered stand up comedy. In France, I never watch this kind of show. So when we saw that there was a Stand Up Comedy festival in Boston, we bought tickets. On a Saturday night, we biked to the Somerville theater. We settled, and as usual in theaters here you can drink beer and eat in the room itself.

First surprise: we get it. Not everything, but mostly. We love the feeling of understanding more and more English.

Second surprise: it’s funny! The show started with a famous guy (well, I supposed he is), he introduced the 10 finalists. Each one of them has about 10 minutes, and they made fun of themselves – I didn’t know that it worked like that. The audience was very lively and participated when the comedian asked to. The winner that night was my favorite one! He earned  $10 000. Congrats! His name is Paul Oddo:

I’d like to go back to see another show, it’s soooo American…

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  • Reply Nov 17 2012

    Moonlight Drive

    Regarder des séries est l’un de mes hobbies fétiches – l’une de mes excuses pour en regarder plein est de dire que ça-améliore-mon-anglais (oui, même regarder Gossip Girl).
    >> Tout pareil :-)

    Je ne connais Louis Ck que de par son rôle dans Parks and Rec (série géniale) mais Louie Louie a l’air sympa :-)

    Je suis très séries américaines et british (Mad Men, Community, Misfits, Downton Abbey, Fresh Meat, American Horror Story, The Hour, The Walking Dead et je pourrais continuer la liste encore longtemps ^^) car de ce point de vue là, la France laisse un peu à désirer :( La seule que je regarde avec plaisir, c’est Fais Pas çi Fais Pas ça sur France 2 !

  • Reply Nov 18 2012


    Connais pas Parks and Rec ! Je vais y jeter un oeil… Merci !

  • Reply Nov 27 2012


    Je connaissais pas ! Je vais y jeter un oeil, il a l’air bien marrant !

  • Reply Jan 30 2013


    Oh cool ! Une nouvelle série que je ne connais pas !
    Merci pour la suggestion !

    J’suis fan de séries aussi, j’en regarde beaucoup, de tous les genres ! J,ai fait quelques billets sur le sujet aussi, j’en ai d’ailleurs un autre en préparation 😉

  • Reply Apr 30 2014


    Salut Mathilde !

    Merci pour cet article ! :)

    Toi qui t’intéresse de près ou de loin au stand up, aurais-tu quelques liens / infos concernant l’histoire du stand up aux Etats Unis ?

    Bonne journée !

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