Hanging out // Poetry and music vs John Carter

Some of you asked me* if we have been to the theater since we arrived. We did! We took some time, but we did last Friday. I meditated for a long time reading the reviews of the Boston Phœnix , a local and free newspaper we can get on the street.

Boston Phoenix

Close to our place, there’s a movie theater with a old look : Coolidge Corner. They offer very interesting programs, meetings, etc. To make it short, it’s typically the kind of theater I love. But it’s so hard for Manu and I to make up our minds and to decide for one movie in particular. Manu loves SuperHero movies and I’m more into classics (with a secret taste for chick flick and X-Men).
When I went out of the yoga class last Friday, a friend of mine invited us to see a movie in Regal Fenway. A Disney movie : John Carter.

John Carter

French and American posters are different!!

The film was at 00.30 am. It’s so late!! The audience had food in the room, I hate that. It prevented me for concentrating, but, let’s face it : the movie wasn’t too difficult to understand.  I loved the fact that the seats are huge (and thanks to this, I could get a nap around 2 am).

John Carter was fun, nice sets and it was in 3D (same glasses as we have in France, kind of fake Wayfarer). But I think I will quickly forget this movie, even if the story is  crazy (it came from a book): John Carter is a deserter from the US army, in the mid 19th century. Indians are chasing him and so he hides in a cave (in a mountain). He pick up on the floor a strange jewel and as soon as he touches it, he’s sent into the planet Mars. And he becomes a warrior for the liberation a Martians. True Story.

The Middle East - Cambridge

It was a easy entertaining. So the culture demon has his revenge. Three days after, my friend Nathalie invited me to a night of poetry & music. Poetry and music. Poetry. As you know, since I’m here in the US, it’s impossible for me to refuse an invitation. Rule #1 of integration.

So we went together with Manu. Poetry in english is not an easy task. And they talked a lot about God and faith, and that’s not really the subjects we enjoy. But you like the flow and the music!

Tony Bee & Diamond

I found the idea fantastic: in Cambridge, people can elect every two years a poet. The current poet is called Toni Bee. She represents the city and her mission is to spread her art and encourage creation throughout events like this one.

Toni Bee

It was also an « Open Mic ». I didn’t know this concept: everybody can come and tell his own poems (kind of a karaoke but without the words on a screen). I couldn’t believe it, but there’s actually people who wants to share their poems. Some are total weirdos, some are simply normal and rather young – they read their poems directly on their phone. With Manu, we quietly stay on our chair, listening and trying to understand some words.

* Feel free to send me requests if you want me to speak about something in particular.

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    Parenthèse liminaire : (C’est quoi ce code DP69? Je veux bien que t’évite les spams mais bon là c’est légèrement tendancieux)…

    Bon sinon:
    – C’est dingue toutes ces copines que t’as.
    – Sur la soirée poésie musique, chapeau ! moi j’aurai sûrement eu très très peur et serais retournée voir John Carter…

    Bref, Bravo !

    • Reply Mar 16 2012


      Je contrôle pas le code anti-spam, espèce de coquine.
      Pour les copines, je suis trop contente aussi, je prépare même mon premier ‘dîner de couples’ pour très bientôt.
      Et quant à la poésie, le contexte d’expatriation a ouvert mes chakras !!

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