In Portland, Maine // DuckFat

I had some leftover videos after my video about Maine, and I really want to do something with them. Indeed, it would have been to bad not to share this place. If you go by Portland, ME, you definitely need to stop by  DuckFat.

I know, I was becoming vegan, for a long while (I may name myself something more like ‘flexitarienne‘ in French, I may translate it as flex-an; and as I’m also reading Eating Animals by J.S. Foer, I’m tending more and more to dislike meat…). As I was told once, “duck’s not meat, it’s poultry”, so let’s go to DuckFat.  And I trust Linda, my offical supplier for good places.

This sandwich shop, as its name says it, offers duck on its menu (pretty rare here, except in Chinese restaurants). Manu is from South of France, famous for ducks (and foie gras), he couldn’t agree more. I was recommended to try: (1) Poutine: Belgium Fries with cheese curd and gravy, (2) Truffle ketchup (I asked several times to be sure I’ve well understood: yes, they dare mixed truffle and ketchup… congratulations), (3) Milk Shake (perfect, I’ve never tried once before).

So, what? a very nice place, cool waiters – or maybe I just get used to their omnipresence-, a normal amount of food (or maybe, again, I just get used to it). And it was good, very tasty, crunchy and so well seasoned! That’s the perfect reason we should come back in Portland, for a proper visit of the city this time…

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