Cupcakes and pastries – 2 places in Boston

Les beaux gateaux de Tatte Bakery

I recently posted on Facebook an article about the best bakeries in the world. Who does that? How do these people end up finding time, money, inspiration, to travel all around the world, and try out every bakery and make THE list?  Anyway, in The List, there is a bakery of Boston, Tatte. Oui, oui ! yes, yes!

French people are obsessed with their baguettes, we eat it with everything, at every lunch and dinner, or so. It’s a number 1 issue for expats: can I find a good bread abroad? It’s never the same as the small bakery from the village of our grandparents, but it can be decent, sometimes. We can find good bread here in Boston, and even more, good pastries. Here are 2 places in Boston where you can have a good pastry, and a few adresses to find some bread.

#1 : Tatte. I try to avoid going too many times in this lovely bakery: every thing that I’ve tried there just tasted good. And every thing look good. My favorites are the brioche with sugar on top, the pear tart and the chocolate croissant. The only problem here is the service: none to mean. And also, there’s not a lot of space to sit down and enjoy the joie de vivre.

Tatte Bakery and Cafe, 1003 Beacon St. (Green Line, St Mary’s Street), and 3 places in Cambridge (website)

#2 : Georgetown Cupcakes. Why looking for Europeans pastries when you live in the land of cupcakes? We take every guest coming from France to Georgetown Cupcakes, just to prove them that no, cupcakes are not this massive fat bomb. Well, it is, but it can be delicious, sweet but not too much, cute but not too lame. My favorite cupcake here: the milk chocolate birthday. And I wait for the fall flavor with maple syrup and nut. Yummy.

Georgetown Cupcakes, 83 Newbury St.

georgetown cupcakes boston

Je t’aime cupcake

Finding bread  & pastries in Boston:

  • Clear Flour Bread, 178 Thorndike, Brookline. A tiny bakery with French and Italian specialities. The fougasse is good!
  • Flour is a chain only in Boston, with one place in Back Bay, 131 Clarendon St., and another one in Cambridge, close to the MIT, 190 Mass. Av. The bread is good, with a lot of stuff inside it though (it’s hard in general to find a good simple white bread, there are always tons of adds-on like raisins and nuts). The sandwiches are good too, but the menu never changes. Anyway, it’s well executed, colorful and tasty. I have a passion for their raspberry bars.
  • Formaggio Kitchen, omg. This place. It’s not a bakery, it’s a gourmet food shop, one in the South End (268 Shawmut av.) and one in Cambridge (224 Huron St.). You will spend many many dollars there, but it’s a paradise from amateurs of charcuterie, cheese and useless stuff to cook refined meals. And they also sell bread.
  • Most of the time, I buy my bread at Shaws or in Whole Foods, from the Pain d’Avignon brand.
  • Side note:  chocolate croissant is translated in French by pain au chocolat (in the north of France) or chocolatine (in the South).

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  • Reply Jul 22 2014


    D’habitude, je vais chez Clear Flour où on peut manger des financiers délicieux! Je ne connais pas encore Tatte,…mais ça ne saurait tarder! Merci pour les bonnes adresses.

  • Reply Jul 22 2014


    J’adore Flour et Georgetown par contre je ne connaissais pas du tout Tatte! Hâte de tester quand je suis de retour à Boston, ça a l’air délicieux!
    Formaggio a l’air super aussi mais j’ai peur d’y laisser mon porte-monnaie…

    • Reply Jul 22 2014


      Oui, hélas, on y dépense facilement quelques dizaines de dollars… Mais on peut goûter plein de petits samples avant de se décider :)

  • Reply Jul 22 2014


    Les tartes aux fruits secs ont l’air délicieuses !
    En voyant les noms des cupcakes, j’ai l’impression que Georgetown Cupcakes fait partie de la même “chaîne” que les boutiques que l’on a ici à Washington DC (Georgetown Cupcakes et DC Cupcakes), si c’est le cas, je ne sais pas si tu es déjà tombée dessus sur Netflix, mais ils ont leur propre émission de télé-réalité, DC Cupcakes ^^

    • Reply Jul 22 2014


      Yes, c’est la chaîne de DC. Je ne savais pas qu’il y avait une émission de télé ! J’avais juste vu au fond de la boutique à Boston quelques bouquins avec des dames très souriantes.

  • Reply Jul 22 2014


    Je vais tester Tatte pour notre dernier jour à Boston avant de reprendre l’avion !

    • Reply Jul 22 2014


      Yes ! J’espère que ça va te plaire, et j’espère que Boston t’a plu en général :)

  • C’est pas passe a la tele Georgetown Cupcakes? Ca me dit un truc vener…

  • Reply Mar 14 2015


    Merci pour toutes ces bonnes infos!
    On avait essayé Mike Pastry’s, intrigués par tout ces américains qui passaient avec des boites…
    La déception fut grande!
    Heureuse qu’il y a des bonnes adresses à tester!

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