How to have a good Sunday night // Drink, cocktail bar

Drink - Tequila sunrise with grapefruit

There was no way to hide this fact: we didn’t do anything last weekend. It was very rainy (a pouring rain, like in Brittany in France (sort of like Seattle), the art festival in Cambridge was cancelled, we had no reason to go out. We did go to the movies though, on Friday night (Moonrise Kingdom, Instagram style, with an audience that laughed out loud every time Bill Murray showed up; meanwhile I was frozen in my seat – why is the air conditioning always on – using my scarf as a make-shift blanket). During this weekend, we watched 2 other films: Battle Royale (a Japanese movie – recently copied by The Hunger Games) and Apocalypse Now (a classic we’d never seen; we also decided to complete a challenge: we will watch the 100 Best movies, according to this list). But no matter what you do, Sunday evening inevitably comes again, and brings this terrible anxiety ‘why didn’t I make the most of my precious weekend’.

We have a solution to fighting this lethargy: we planned a dinner with friends. Rendez-vous at 6.45 pm (I truly prefer the Spanish schedule, when you go out later). We’re leaving home early (I mean 30 minutes in advance), so we can have a walk around the neighborhood of the restaurant. Metro South Station, we reach the edges of the Financial District and the Seaport. A zombie attack must have occurred, as the ambiance is dismal and there’s nobody around. (My friend Charles would love to take picture there, I try to copy him, as much as I can). Seaport District, Leather District: old factories, industrial buildings, museums, a canal and the sea.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Children Museum

Museum for children, not on my list

Harbor Boston

It feels like Boulogne-sur-Mer, a gloomy city on the Channel Sea. It makes me want to listen to depressing French singer such as Benjamin Biolay ?

South Boston

For Sale - Boston Harbor A funny arty touch: a floating dock that was for sale. It’s part of the “The Remodeling Project” by Heidi Kayser

Sportello - BostonAnd then, there’s this restaurant, Sportello. This is where we rendez-voused. We go in, and wait for our friends. It seems kind of chic, maybe a bit formal. On the menu, plate of pasta, 25 dollars, tip not included. There’s no real table, but there’s one giant counter where we’re seated. This is a peaceful place with delicious smells floating in the air.

Sportello - bar - Boston

Sportello desserts

After dinner, we go downstairs to the cocktail bar, with a super obvious name Drink. I heard about this place from a good friend of mine before I even arrived in Boston (she’s crazy about cocktails, we went to this hidden gem in Paris, Candelaria, à Paris).

Since living here, I’ve learned to appreciate cocktails more and more (the real ones, not the vodka-coca style). First of all, they’re way cheaper here than in France and they cost as much as a glass of wine. And when you’re drinking cocktails, it’s harder to come back to beer.

Drink - Boston - cocktail bar

Something particular to Drink, there’s no cocktail list. You have to ask for what you would like to drink. Usually, when I don’t really know what I feel like, I have a Tequila Sunrise, it’s sweet and fruity, pretty and never fails. I asked for something similar while playing their game, asking them to change the flavor with grapefruit. Manu asked for something fresh and acidic, with a rum base (that sounded great). The cocktails were good, and served in tiny glasses, as if they were samples. We have to come back another Sunday night.

Water and menu - Drink Boston

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  • Reply Jun 4 2012

    La Grande Blonde

    Ca avait l’air d’etre un rudement chouette week-end tout de meme !
    On file a Sydney ce week-end : a nous les cocktails, tout ca tout ca… Bonheur !

  • Ah c’est sur qu’entre un verre de vin moyen à 8-9 dollars et un cocktail super original à 10-12 dollars, mon choix est vite fait! Le jeu à New-york est de les trouver, ces bars à cocktails car c’est la mode de les cacher facon prohibition au fond d’arrière cour ou derrière la porte secrète du fond d’un resto miteux! Mon mec s’amuse d’ailleurs à faire le ”mixologiste” à la maison maintenant!

    • Reply Jun 5 2012


      A Boston, on m’a juste parlé d’un magasin de sneakers “caché” (ou alors c’est juste qu’il est illégal…). Le Candelaria à Paris vaut le détour, du moins l’an dernier c’était sympa :) une carte assez réduite, des cocktails super bons et une ambiance sympa dans le Haut-Marais.
      Pour NYC, tu nous donnes tes adresses ?!

      • petit post cocktails en préparation!!! Le Candelaria, j’ai tenté une fois mais c’était sur-blindé, j’ai fait demi-tour!

  • Reply Jun 5 2012


    Tiens, moi aussi je prendrai bien un ptit cocktail ce soir, c est vrai que la tentation est grande avec ces prix…. Un week end pluvieux finalement ca a du bon non ? (par contre moi je met le musee pr enfants sur ma liste du jespere tres tres prochain we a bOSTON…..)

    • Reply Jun 5 2012


      A bientôt alors ?!! Il paraît que le musée pour les enfants est vraiment sympa, mais j’avais l’impression que c’était plus une salle de jeux géante…
      Et sinon, oui le petit week-end pluvieux peut avoir du bon finalement.

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