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Saturday morning. I woke up and there’s no bread for breakfast. What can I do? Do I go to Walgreens (a big pharmacy where you can buy a lot of stuff, and medicines) to buy bread? But I’m afraid if I eat too much of it, I will have a gluten intolerance. There’s one solution (a lazy one): going out to have breakfast. The only thing, first, is to wake up Manu. An hour after, we are outside, on our bikes, and want to go to Cambridge. Sun shining, blue sky, nothing can prevent me to eat a delicious pancake.

Pancakes and French toasts from Allston Diner

**Spoiler alert: that’s what we ate this morning

Allston Village Farmer Market

Surprise, surprise, there’s a farmer maket close to our place. Big deal for us so used to go to the market every Saturdays in Paris. I’ve noticed that here markets are seasonal, and take place only from May until the end of October (same thing for the fruits and vegetables baskets – I’ve learned there are called CSA, for Community Supported Agriculture). Alas, in this market there’s not a lot of stands. Even one to fix bikes.

Stand at the Allston Farmer Market

We keep going on the breakfast road, but only for 30 seconds: I stop in front of a garage with a big funny sign for Mother’s Day (strangely not the same day in France), ‘5 car wash cost only 4 for your mother’. But I can’t take a nice picture, so I give up… And then, revelation, we’ve stopped in front of a nice diner… Why riding until Cambridge if there’s a cool spot close to us? (that’s always the dilemma: grass is greener, blablabla).

Allston Diner

We woke up so early (will I miss my noisy neighbors after moving out, next Tuesday?) – I’m surprised by all this efficiency, we don’t have to wait for a table, and double supreme miracle, we have a booth. I love booth, so comfy “as if you were at grandma’s” as we say in French.

Booth Allston Diner

Fascinated by a Mitt Romney’s speech… 

We take a long time to read this huge menu. While waiting, a waitress – arms covered with tatoos, tiny shorts pants and torn tights (typical Allston style) – come and pour some black coffee. Bottomless coffee: that’s a great invention, guys!

Menu Allston Diner

Careful, and don’t forget to read both sides…

What can we choose? Breakfast here looks for me as a ‘normal’ meal. The main dish is composed with eggs (scrambled, Benedict – my favorite- or sunny side up – I love saying it in English, that’s a cute word). There are a lot of good sandwiches. Strange fact for me: everything which is written on the menu for one sandwich will be IN the sandwich, no matter how big it is, or how it looks. I get used to this convenient way of having food in my plate. The main side is most of the time fries Too hard for me before noon!

For the sweet treats, pancakes (fruits and chocolate chips are optional) and French toasts (do you know that we call them “lost bread” in French, because it was a way to use old and stale bread).

Addition Allston Diner

Too bad we’ve discovered this place only now, we are moving from Allston very soon. We’ll have to build a new book of addresses.

Twin Donuts

Other coffee shops and diners we’ve recently been…

Twin Donuts. I love this retro sign. And I assume the food would have been as great. It might be the cheapest breakfast we had here (about 20 $ for us two, tip included), but that was really so-so (‘bof’ in French). I know I know, I don’t have to assume that if the sign is nice, the food will be great too.

Friendly Toast. Friends love this place,  so we went once with them, but I didn’t bring my camera. Too bad, because, they didn’t take any of the food we would have chosen on the menu (cultural gap, I love it). We’ve got to go back. But there’s always 1 hour waiting and no way to book…

Friendly Toast

While going to the movies in Kendall Square, Cambridge

Thinking Cup. This coffee shop is way too far from our place to go there for breakfast. But I go there very often before yoga, to grab a sandwich (I ate there for the first time fiddle heads!) or a coffee. I NEVER ate alone when I lived in Paris, I was afraid of this. And now, I find it kind of nice to sit there, eating while reading or watching at people…

Treats at thinking cup

thinking cup

And you, what the next trend in your city? Are you pancakes or French toast team? 

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  • Reply May 14 2012

    La Grande Blonde

    Ici, c’est beaucoup de fried/scrambled/poached eggs, avec des baked beans (faits maison, yummy!), des champignons sautes et des hash browns. Et du bacon partout ! Et puis aussi pas mal de pancakes, de French toasts. Sans oublier du vegetarien a tous les etages (hum, les pumpkin fritters sauce hollandaise !)
    Le petit-dej’ dehors du samedi matin, c’est devenu sacre… On a trouve nos coins preferes (Canberra n’est pas si grande, on n’a pas un choix infini), on construit nos habitudes. Et c’est chouette ! Vivement samedi…

    • Reply May 16 2012


      J’ai oublié de mentionner ce détail capital, le surnom de Boston est la Bean City. La spécialité : des brown beans avec du bacon et du miel. Yummy !

  • J’adore les french toasts mais pas la cannelle… Et je crois qu’ils ont décidé dans ce pays de mettre de la cannelle sur tout ce qui ressemble à une patisserie… Pas grave, je me rattrape sur les burgers !!!

    • Reply May 16 2012


      C’est vrai que la cannelle est omniprésente… moi j’aime bien, mais ça fait un peu Noël en permance…

  • Je me suis juste consolée de ne pas être à ta place en allant dîner ce soir au Breakfast in America (BIA) de Paris 😉 bises bonne soirée !

    • Reply May 16 2012


      J’aime bien ce diner, bonne ambiance ! Enfin je n’étais allée qu’à celui dans le Vè…

  • Reply May 15 2012


    Miam des pancakes ! Depuis que j’ai été aux States, je m’en fait souvent c’est tellement bon. Ça change des tartines classiques

  • Reply May 15 2012


    un régal ce blog…! (j’ai bien aimé le clin d’oeil allergie au gluten, hihihi)

    • Reply May 16 2012


      Et oui, on devient Américain aussi par ce genre de détails 😉

  • Reply May 16 2012


    Definitely pancakes !

    • Reply May 16 2012


      Yes baby ! J’ai une recette de la Tartine Gourmande que j’a-dore !

  • Reply May 14 2013


    Wouuu que ça donne faim tout ça ! Je suis plutôt salé alors ça me fait saliver. J’aime bien BIA, j’avais pris un big mess une fois : patates, saucisses, oeufs, avocat, le tout mélangé avec du fromage, super bon !
    Mais j’aime bien aussi de temps en temps prendre un croissant au beurre et le manger au comptoir d’un café parisien !

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