First time in the North End

north end

We have been in Boston for only 3 days (even if it feels like weeks!) and we haven’t had a lot of free time because of our search for a new flat, administrative paperworks, and some tiredness caused by the jetlag. Moreover, Manu, a.k.a. Dr Martinet, will start his new job on Monday. So this Saturday afternoon was time off. We ride the ‘T’ (name of Boston subway) toward Boston Downtown, and we enjoyed these last holidays with a visit of our new city. Good for us, the weather was pretty good!

And as soon as soon the weather is good, american people seem to like light clothes and shoes. We saw a lot of people wearing flip-flop (without socks) and tee-shirts. Seriously? We could just take our scarves off when we were in front of the sun… #winteriswinter

Anyway, we were very pleased to explore North End of Boston, one of the oldest neighborhood of the city, and built by the italian community. In order to reach this place, we walked through the Financial District : dark streets and tall buildings, striking perspectives, we loved it! Then we followed the wharf along the sea, and made a lunch break at a very nice seafood restaurant that Manu had tested last September.

Listening to the advises of my beloved one, I took the ‘devil plate’. I should have been more careful, it was too spicy for me. So, I decided to eat Manu’s fried seafood instead! Fish, calamaris, shrimps, scallop. Yummy. Good atmosphere too. I liked this place.

After that, we were ready to go on and started a somehow anarchic visit of the North End (so I don’t have a lot of historical or architectural explanations).

For a while, we followed the Freedom Trail, a line painted on the ground that guide tourists around the city.

North End seems to be a very nice neighborhood, with beautiful buildings and a lively community. All the houses are made with brown-stone, with some black ladder on the side, which looks cute. Sometimes, there are some clothes drying outside between two buildings, reminding us Italy. Streets with shops are welcoming, it smells good like lavenderia and there are a lot of restaurants and bars. This neighborhood is quite small, just a hill. On one side there is the sea, on the other side there is the Quincy Market. I like going from one neighborhood to the next so easily!

The city seems infinite for now, I’d like to explore everywhere in details and at the same time to have a global view of the city!

Have a look at  this website about North End (there are a lot of ideas to go out…)

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  • Jan 8 2012

    jb-le frere

    C est cool tt ca. Toute cette bouffe a l heure du repas. Miam miam.
    ca donne envie de vous rejoindre decouvrir la ville, y a comme un air de vacances…ps: photos tops!!! (avec l appareil de manu?)

  • Jan 8 2012


    Merci !! oui, j’utilise l’appareil de Manu et je fais des petites retouches de couleurs et contrastes sur Photoshop.

  • Jan 8 2012


    Sur la dernière photo, vous pouvez même voir un petit marché de légumes (les chapiteaux blancs) qu’on a trouvé au hasard de cette ballade !

  • Jan 9 2012


    Si je puis me permettre on peut pas vraiment blâmer Manu sur l’assiette du diable… #pasmaligne.

  • Jan 9 2012


    c’est bien tout ça mon cancrelat. Tu vas pouvoir me concocter un programme d’enfer lors de ma visite prochaine. N’oublie pas je compte sur toi pour me faire un “Ally Mb Beal Tour” et l’argument “c’était principalement tourné en studio” est irrecevable. Contente que la ville vous plaise, gnark.

  • Jan 9 2012


    J’adore la devanture du dentiste !!! :)