Bon appétit made in USA // Sandwichs, beer et curly fries

Cutty's - window

I’m sometimes wondering what do I miss from France. I know it’s 100% cliché but what I really miss is eating good bread. And especially a baguette: nice crust, fresh breadcrumbs. We’ve been there for almost 3 months and every morning we open the bread pack, a bread that never get moldy, which it’s strange. Sometimes, I go to buy some bread in a so-called “French Bakery”. I buy Italian bread, but… it’s not the same. Stop complaining, there’s plenty of good food here. I know… temptations of the junk food are everywhere, specially in the Food Court of the university…

Cutty’s, « Best sandwich shop in Boston »

Cutty’s is a nice place to have a sandwich for lunch, in Brookline. There’s a few tables to sit down, it’s more a place to take-away. My conversation partner brought me there the first time, she attracted me saying that they were making sandwiches with baguette. Interesting. We took the same sandwich (the Food Code usually forbids this: “don’t chose the same dish as your friend, because you have to taste different dishes”): roast beef 1000. Very thin slices of roast beef and a delicious sauce. Yummy!!

Cutty's Sandwich - Roast beef 1000

Cutty's - Sandwich : Roas Beef 1000

Deep Ellum, the bar next door

This bar is really close to our apartment. But according to another principle of our Food Code ” always walking miles to go to a bar, even if you’ve got a decent one close to your place”, we just ignored Deep Ellum for a while.

Beakfast at Deep Ellum

We went there on a Saturday, around 3 pm to have a breakfast, as the menu indicated it (and contrary to what you can see in our plates above). Yes, we had beer for breakfast, but it was St Patrick’s Day, and it’s the official beverage on that day. We are always surprised by the amount of choices of beers in bar here in Boston. We trusted the waitress: I asked for a lager and Manu asked for a stout one. Only a few dishes are on the menu, but as soon as I saw there was duck, my choice was made. It was rustic and simply good.

Food Court : a burger and some fries

We sometimes use the following pretext to eat badly: “we want to live as Americans”. That’s why I go with Manu eating in the BU food court. There’s a lot of choices: salads, burritos, pizzas, sushis… But we always go to the burger stand. And each time, we said to ourselves: it was the LAST time. The burgers are not very good and rather fat. But it’s just for a lunch, Manu doesn’t take the time anymore to have long (French) break for lunch. One of the sides of the burger is terrible: curly fries. Evil. I always feel bad when I leave the food court.

In the food courtBurgers Food Court

Boston University Central

Inspiration to go to new places: Lunch, anyone ?

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  • Reply Mar 26 2012

    Melle Dubndidu

    PErsoooo j’achète des baguettes mi-cuite à faire “finir de cuire” dans ton four, et ce n’est peut-etre pas aussi bon qu’un boulanger mais c’est vraiment ppaaas mal.
    Bon et je note bien toutes tes adresses car ca y est j’ai mes billets, mes dates precises il y a plus qu’à reserver l’hotel 😉


    • Reply Mar 26 2012


      Je pourrais faire ça de temps en temps en effet…
      Pour les adresses, note surtout Cutty’s : c’est vraiment bon!! J’en aurais sûrement d’autres d’ici ta venue… Tu m’envoies tes dates par mail ?

  • Reply Mar 26 2012

    La Grande Blonde

    Deep Ellum me fait terriblement de l’oeil, j’ai faim, maintenant… Ca tombe bien, il est midi et des poussieres, l’heure de degainer la lunch box. Meme si ca ne sera pas aussi chouette, sans doute (home made sandwich).
    Je file souvent a l’ANU (Australian National University) en face du labo pour manger au food court le midi. Ils ont des hamburgers a tomber (pour rester dans le theme) et des tas d’autres bons petits plats. En terrasse avec un groupe de rock etudiant, ca fait une tres chouette pause ! En attendant de filer au pub le soir venu pour causer publis autour d’une pinte. Si c’est pas fantastique 😉

    • Reply Mar 27 2012


      Hé hé, oui ! ça donne envie la discussion autour d’une bonne bière.
      (même si j’avais lu, à la première lecture, que vous discutiez pubis et là c’est tout de même moins charmant).

  • Reply Mar 27 2012


    #Radinpaschic ! concept agréé et sur validé ! Je valide le Cutty’s qui a l’air succulent…

  • Reply Mar 31 2012


    J’ai découvert les food courts en Australie, n’empêche que c’est bien pratique! Le breakfast du Deep Ellum a l’air pas mal du tout!! Au passage, ton blog est sympa! A bientôt.

    • Reply Apr 1 2012


      oui c’est pas mal comme système, il y en a d’autres à Boston pas forcément liés à l’université.
      En tout cas bienvenue sur le blog !

  • Reply Apr 6 2012


    J’adore ton blog, je te jure :p (bien sûr, je dis ça sur un article de bouffe mdr)

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