[:fr]Je vis à Boston, dans le Massachusetts, depuis janvier 2012. J'écris des chroniques sur la vie quotidienne à Boston, l'intégration à la vie américaine, et les voyages partout aux Etats-Unis.[:en]I live in Boston, Massachusetts, since January 2012. I write articles about my daily life in Boston, my integration in the american way of life, and our travels around the USA.

Carnet de voyage Mathilde

Why do I blog?

In November 2011 I opened this blog. I was leaving for America in a few weeks and had nothing else to do beside wait…

Boston - Le Blog de Mathilde

New blog!

We’ve changed the layout of the blog! The blog is 2-year old, and we wanted some changes. Here you go. It’s still a work-in-progress,…

My book: Yoga Malin!

Today in French bookstores, my book called “Yoga Malin” is released! I’m super happy about it. It’s a book mostly for beginners and people…