Sarma, small plates and mezes

Hummus - Sarma

It took us 30 minutes to bike to Sarma, in Somerville. When we got there, our cheeks were blushing because of the cold. My friend Liz is a chef in this brand new restaurant, the sister or cousin of Oleana in Cambridge. The theme is the same: meditarrenean food, and more specifically, turkish. The restaurant has been opened for only one month, and it was a Tuesday night, but it was busy. And guess what? it was busy for a good reason, the ambiance is great, and the food was subtle, spicy and original.

On our plates

3 dishes a person, 12 to share on the table…

sarma - cocktails et octopus

Brochettes et brik - Sarma, Somerville

Sarma, somerville sandwich

Sarma restaurant Somerville

Frozen yogurt - sarma Somerville

Café à la turque - Sarma

In the kitchen

Sarma, kitchen, somervilleSarma, Kitchen 1

A pretty place

Sarma, Somerville, assiettes Sarma, Somerville - bar sarma, somerville lampes et panneau

Sarma, Somerville
249 Pearl St.
Open at night.

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  • Reply Nov 6 2013


    J’ai déjà diné ce soir et pourtant tes photos m’ouvrent à nouveau l’appétit !

  • Reply Nov 11 2013


    Ha ha la recherche <3

    Ca a l'air tellement bon. De la pieuvre quoi !! J'adore ce principe de pleins de petits plats. T'es moins frustrée quand c'est super bon et que tu t'es limitée à en choisir qu'un…

    • Reply Nov 11 2013


      c’était vraiment très bon !

      :) la recherche écrite au bas de l’article se fait automatiquement… on a toujours droit à de bonnes petites surprises.

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